Online Pet Pharmacies

Online Pet Pharmacies offers a wide range of pet food, including therapeutic diets, treats, supplies and health-care products for companion animals. They also could offer medication through an online pharmacy and on-demand advice through its “Connect with a Vet” portal.

It's important to consider the impact this could have on your pet’s health along with the food and medication(s) they could be receiving through this website.

How will this affect you and your pet? Listed below are some questions you may be asking when considering using an online pet pharmacy website for your pet(s) needs:

How are online pharmacies different from myVETstore?

MyVETstore is an extension of us (Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic), so all the products are veterinary approved! We ensure the products available are ones we trust and know will be safe for your pet. We can ensure you have the right diet for your pet, and as a bonus, you can save five per cent on each purchase with a manufacturer’s discount on select foods when you set up Auto-Order so that you never run out of food. 

The best part is that you will have the option to get everything gets delivered right to your doorstep! This delivery address can be you home, work, or even cottage!

Online pet pharmacies are the same as any other online retailer like Amazon, PetSmart, etc. You’ll find a lot of products, but some may not be suitable for your pet.

Are online pharmacies cheaper than myVETstore?

MyVETstore offers competitive pricing on all products. On select diets, you're eligible for a manufacturer’s discount when ordered with AutoOrder, which means saving up to five per cent on each purchase.

Online pet pharmacies offer a lot of different products, whereas myVETstore provides veterinary-approved products, meaning items that you purchase are reliable and safe for your pet.

Can I purchase my prescriptions online?

You can choose to purchase your pet’s medications from a online pet pharmacy, however we ask that you sign a informed consent so that you understand the risks involved with the online purchase of medications. 

Please keep in mind that online pharmacies typically will require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian prior to ordering the medication. It’ll be important to remember that the veterinarians here at PEVC may refuse this service if they feel it is unfit for the patient.

Are there any other concerns I should consider when purchasing medications online?

The answer: Yes!

There's also a concern with any online medication retailer when it comes to the controlled temperature of products. Given the climate in Ontario, it can be challenging to ensure the proper temperature is maintained for a medication when it is sent through the mail, therefore compromising the effectiveness of the medication. Currently, there isn't a safe & secure method to send pet medications through the mail that will guarantee the effectiveness by the time it arrives to your home.

Will I get the same client service with online pet pharmacies that I get with my Veterinary Hospital?

The answer: Likely not!

According to Ontario Veterinary Medical Association’s 2023 Ontario Pet Owners Report, pet owners who make purchases directly through their veterinary clinic tend to be the most satisfied. 

To maintain this level of satisfaction, we are going to continue to offer friendly and informative client care as well as competitively priced medications and diets at our hospital. Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic is going to continue focusing on providing an exceptional customer experience to further strengthen our relationship with clients and patients!

What else should I be aware of?

Is it safe?

Shopping at online pharmacies can leave your pet exposed to dangers but also leave you without recourse if you need help. The FDA has found companies that sell unapproved pet drugs and counterfeit pet products, that make fraudulent claims, that dispense prescription drugs without requiring a prescription, and that sell expired drugs.

The source, storage, and shipping of your pet’s medications impact effectiveness.


Compare prices of online pharmacies with your veterinary hospital. Not all internet medications are less expensive. Like other retail outlets, some internet pharmacies advertise loss leaders (a product sold at a loss) to attract business while the rest of their inventory is priced higher. Scrutinize the price of each individual product you are considering ordering.

Consider manufacturer rebates available through your veterinarian when comparing prices. These rebates may reduce the cost of a drug considerably. Since drug companies usually do not offer rebates to online pharmacies, the cost of a particular drug may actually be less at your veterinary clinic once the discount is applied.

On-site Supervision 

Do you wonder who actually fills your pet’s online prescription? Professional supervision can make you more confident that your pet’s medicine has not been re-packaged and is not expired. Here at Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic, only qualified individuals are authorized to fill prescriptions. We also have an in-house double check policy. Any prescription being filled it double checked by 2 different individuals!

So, you may be asking yourself this: I want to have the convenience of ordering online but want to do this through a trustworthy source. What do I do?

You may not have known, but Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic does have an online webstore! Here you can have peace of mind knowing that the products you order are veterinary-approved and will be safe for your pet(s). The best part is- if you have questions, we are here for you! By contacting us through phone or email, our staff will be able to help guide you and answer any questions you may have.

You can locate our webstore by clicking here!

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Be a savvy shopper! Keeping your pet safe and healthy is top priority. Your cat or dog may not appreciate the convenience or comparative pricing of purchasing his medications online—after all, it is your time and money. But they will definitely appreciate how cautious you were in purchasing what they need!