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The Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic is proud to have served the
community of Saugeen Shores for more then 35 years. Our facility
is continually evolving and changing as we provide our clients and their
pets with the best veterinary care possible.
Our doctors and staff provide a full array of veterinary services.
Our mission is to give caring, courteous professional service while
providing the best medical care possible.

Emergency service is available on a 24 hour basis. After clinic hours
our answering service takes necessary information and then
immediately contacts the doctor on call.

Our goal is to maximize the life span and the health of your pet.
Ww will inform you as a client and providing preventive medical care
and nutritional and behavioural counseling. We are the advocates for
your pet and our job is to advise you of best care options available in
hope to help our patients and their families spend many happy years

                          ANIMALS ENRICH OUR LIVES
 People who own pets live longer, happier, fuller lives. Our pets remind

     us of what it is to be wild, to be gentle, to be loyal, to trust, to
     flourish, to slow with age, to die. They connect us to something
 fundamental in our beings. We are the caretakers of that connection.
  For all that our pets teach us, for all the love and joy they bring our

       lives, they deserve good care- and they rely on us to give it.

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